What If?

Shani Child on Steps

This morning, I woke up with an image of a picture of me as a child in my mind.  I was about one year old, and I was sitting on my parents’ front porch clapping my hands with glee.  The little hair I had was twisted neatly atop my head and secured with a single hair bow.  I was happy.  Life was simple.  I was free.

What if I could honor that happy little girl every day by remembering how beautiful and special she is?  What if I could remember how thankful her parents were for her and how much she meant to them?  She was their world.

Sometimes amidst life’s challenges and hardships we forget who we really are deep down on the inside – in the depths of our souls. We lose sight of our true power.  We forget the inherent reality that our being is a gift to ourselves, to others and to the world.  Our being is simply enough. What if we truly believed that we deserved to be honored and treated with supreme care?

As adults, each day we rise, we get dressed and we spend our days hiding behind masks that we were never meant to wear.  We exhaust ourselves and deplete our energy working to convince others of our true value and worth.  We forget who we are and start believing who the world says we should be, and we allow this validation (or lack thereof) to become our truth.

So today, I purposefully choose me.  And in so doing, I choose to walk in my power by embracing the reality of who I am and who I have become. I will love on the little girl who woke me up this morning to remind me that she was still there, and I will revel in the fact that she is immeasurably loved.



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