Sometimes the Highest Road is the Realest One

high-973678_1920-1When I was growing up, my mom was a big “turn the other” cheek person.  This was her perpetual advice to my sisters and I regardless of the offense or the offender.  I am certain this was because of her upbringing in a small town in North Carolina where she was raised to be a good Southern Baptist girl.  My dad, on the other hand,  was a city-slick kid from Buffalo, New York who revered God and loved astrology all at the same time and who agreed that under certain circumstances the only right thing to do was to ball up your fist and fight back.

For most of my life, I’ve categorically defaulted to my mother’s way of handling conflict, and in most instances and at most times I still believe in the fundamentals of this philosophy.  However, there are those times in life when I truly believe the highest road we can take with ourselves and others is the realest road.  Sometimes quite honestly, instead of resolving our problems by being high and mighty, we should instead step off our throne and ground ourselves in honest truth. Sometimes the best thing we can do is sit still and look for the answers within.  Let’s face it.  Being on that high road is pressure filled and at times can prevent us from seeing the truth that is right in front of us.  And when we deny life’s truth it becomes easy for us to lose sight of reality as difficult as it may be to embrace.

So instead of taking the high road, as I often do,  I’ve decided taking the realest road is best for me. For this is the road that leads me to the answers I inherently crave and already know.  Instead of living so high and mighty, I choose instead to acknowledge the reality of what people show me with their actions and embrace that truth more than their words.  Equipped with this knowledge, I can then better navigate conflict.  Instead of looking for signs from God, I will listen to the answers He’s already placed within me.  I will hear the answers that find me in my body’s physical responses to events, circumstances and those around me. What truths are my experiences quietly whispering to me?

Our emotional responses don’t lie to us like our thoughts so often do. They literally are not able to.  Am I anxious about something or someone? Where the high road will have me praying and pretending my worry is not real, the real road will call my fear into my awareness, allow me to acknowledge it and give me the courage to confront the very thing that is burdening me.   In this way, it then becomes easier for me to take a higher path allowing me to fight back in truth. And it is only when I’ve excavated my truth that I am then able to heal and walk my path.  It is only then that I can easily take my cares, concerns and burdens to God and truly leave them at His feet.  In this way, I believe that the road of truth will never fail or forsake me.

So today,  I will look confront adversity by listening to the answers my inner guide sends me, and I will lean on the power of divine guidance and its lessons on love.   And in so doing, I will embrace the reality that the realest road will always bring truth to light and elevate me higher.


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