Letting Go Even When It Hurts


Releasing someone from my heart is truly one of the most difficult processes I’ve had to endure.  Sometimes we are so busy holding onto our memories of people we’ve loved and what they meant to us that we are unable to appreciate the gifts that they brought us. However, when I accept that the lessons they taught me are necessary for my growth, then I am able to accept what is and push through the pain. And so it is.  When the lessons have been learned we move on. It’s really quite that simple.  This beautifully tragic ebb and flow of joy and pain is really our life’s journey and, in essence, God’s beautifully crafted story.  So instead of staying stuck in my pain, I embrace it, as difficult as it may be, and work to accept the reality of my losses by expressing gratitude for the joy those I’ve loved have provided my life – if only for a season.  As painful as this form of releasing may be, accepting God’s will for my life and those I love makes it easier to let go, heal and move on.

I don’t profess to be an expert at this by any means, but God has served this lesson up to me in multiple ways and different times throughout my life so I trust the process immensely even when I can’t understand it.  Even when it hurts to trust, in the end I’ve found that the hardest thing to do is often the very thing that is needed to grow. Let it go. In fact, during these times is when I tend to hear God with crystal clarity.  In this place, I am solely dependent on Him.  And so He often finds me right there in the midst of my heartache, heartbreak and pain struggling and flailing to find peace amidst it all.

When I am wrestling with the why’s and why nots, struggling to control the outcome for what I believe to be my best good, He meets me at my most vulnerable and broken places, grabs hold of my hand and reminds me that life as He has envisioned is so much sweeter if I will only let go and trust Him.  And it is only when I stop holding on, stop resisting the pain, stop hoping for times past to return and simply release my fear and grab hold of Him that I …. Exhale.  It will be all right.  It always is. And it always will be. So I’ve learned to let go even when it hurts.

In fact, I always find that letting go is more about releasing daily interactions than it is about releasing love itself.  When I accept the physical loss and reflect on the time we shared I am often grateful for I realize we are better, stronger and more beautiful people because of the imprints we’ve left on each others’ lives.

Losing love does not rob you of the joy you experienced while it was there. Love never fails.  And while the physical absence of love is a painful reminder of the person, it is also oddly enough the same reason one day, in time, we will celebrate.  Each day, I thank God that he has blessed me with an open heart that is able to give and receive love despite the offenses it has endured. Not everyone is able to love like this. I am grateful I know the value of each day for tomorrow is not promised.

Losing love hurts. The pain cannot be minimized.  It hurts every single time. It sucks. Yet there is beauty that emerges from the ashes of our broken heartedness when we allow it.  In time, there will be new growth and new life that springs forth from the wellspring of our pain.  And it is only when we allow God to till and overturn that which is infertile in our lives that we are redirected and set forth to step into a fresh, new journey. And in place of our dried, cracked souls, life reborn returns more abundant, restored and renewed by our tears and ready to greet us.  Fresh. New. And alive.



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I’m Done Chasing My Dreams

This morning I finished a short, hot and hilly run.  I despise hills especially when I’m out of shape and just trying to get back on my run game.  For years, I dreamed of being a runner and while I’ve had a fair amount of success completing half marathons and even a couple of sprint […]

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Without Her: A Father’s Love

A father’s love is one of the most beautiful gifts he can give.  Having lost my own father eight years ago, my gratitude for having this type of love modeled before me is a blessing I cherish more and more each day.  So this Father’s Day weekend, it gives me great pleasure to feature my […]

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Love Abounds

When my husband told me he no longer wanted to be married and was leaving me after seven years with little explanation, to say I was heartbroken would be an understatement.  I was devastated to my core.  I was shocked and traumatized.  By far, it was my life’s greatest tragedy.  I could not, despite my best […]

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Tell The Truth

My women’s small group at church recently completed Jen Hatmaker’s “For the Love”.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It was lighthearted, funny and full of great reminders, tips and that type of wisdom that you just learn with a little life behind you.  Last night, as we were wrapping up the book and preparing to […]

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The Art of Surrendering

“There’s something magical that happens when you surrender to the Universe and simply let go. When you stop doing and start being, only then can you find true peace.” Lion Sands Game Reserve – Sabi Sands, South Africa (April 2015)   Acknowledging My Fear One of the most difficult things about surrendering is it forces […]

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What If?

This morning, I woke up with an image of a picture of me as a child in my mind.  I was about one year old, and I was sitting on my parents’ front porch clapping my hands with glee.  The little hair I had was twisted neatly atop my head and secured with a single hair […]

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Praying with Kyla

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten the chance to spend a lot of great quality time with my niece.  She’s your typical bright, vibrant, inquisitive and innocent six-year old girl.  She revels in her own beauty and knows how rare and precious she is.  She’s a princess after all. I marvel at her ability to […]

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This Moment

  So it all comes down to this.  This very moment.  A moment that has haunted me for years.  When and where to start? Last night I finally realized that I’ve been avoiding this elusive moment my entire life.  And it’s keeping me from my destiny.  Wrapping up a week in Amsterdam of learning, growing and stretching […]

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