If You Only Knew


If you only knew how powerful and mighty you are, would you act so weak and inadequate?  If you only knew how magnificent and triumphant you are, would you act so incapable of defending yourself?  If you only knew how amazing you are, would you act so average?  Your actions speak volumes.  So what does that say about you?

You are broken just like me.  You love living beneath your privilege. You are comfortable being common and basic, but even worse you are secure in this agony.  You are unrecognizable even to your Self.  You look in the mirror each day and applaud your good works, your good deeds, your humanity and your kindness.  Yet, you lay down your life each day in hopes others will be kinder to you than you are to your own. Are you not as worthy?

Do you not see the fullness of God’s gifts to and in you clearly?  I see you. Are you not aware you were meant to roar not shrink and fall back? Stand up.  Love yourself.  Speak up. Grow the fuck up.  Embrace your hurt.  Make peace with your pain and dance with your shadows.  Stop rolling around in your misery. Get. Up.

You make love to your abuser and pretend she’s your friend.  When she doesn’t return the favor you accuse Love of hurting you.  In reality though, you are hurting yourself.  With your covert dishonesty you, my friend, are your own worst enemy.  And until you stop pretending and believing that you are blameless, you’ll always be stuck right where you are.  Treading water.  Running in place.  Staring at dreams that are ripe and ready to be plucked, yet remain just beyond your grasp.


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