About Audible Voices



In my baby book, my mom wrote that it snowed on the day I was born.  Except for the fact that it never snows in the South in late November this really would not have been a big deal.  However, this simple truth coupled with the fact that my father insisted that my birth be announced live on the radio has always given me reason to believe I was special. And life for me has been just that – a special arrangement of very high-highs and very low-lows which has culminated into the creation of a collection of stories, inspirations, advice and prose that I am finally ready to share.

You see my life is so contradictory that to ignore its notes would be to deny my own melody.  I have spent the last 14 years growing a successful marketing firm; the structured rebuttal to my mother’s command to figure out something serious I could do with my life.

And although I can’t say I’d encourage my own daughter to pursue structure and stability, what I can say is I am thankful my mother required this of me.  For today, I am able to have the best of both worlds – a successful business that pays the bills and a creative outlet that provides me the opportunity to do one of the things I love most.  Write.

As prepared as I was for this path, however, what I was not prepared for were the hard hitting lessons it would  teach. Lessons  that would shatter me and leave pieces of me tossed aside forever.  Lessons that would challenge every good thing I knew myself to be.  Lessons that would leave me suffering silently through seasons of depression longing for love and acceptance.  Through great loss, I’ve learned invaluable lessons about loving myself, setting boundaries with others and living the life I want. More importantly, I’ve learned that when we share our stories of hurt, pain, struggle, triumph and victory we liberate others to do the same, and it is only through this process that we find true healing.

And so herein lies my truth, my story and my creative place.  This blog is a testament to life’s pain, the power in suffering, and God’s provision through it all, and  I hope it will be a place where we can all take off our masks, give voice to our truth and share our stories in hopes we can liberate each other to live life more abundantly.