Seasons come and seasons go, and in doing so, everything that once was cold, bleak and desperate, in time, becomes clear, vibrant and alive again.  And such has been the case for me.  Over the last year, my heart has healed, my energy has rebounded and I have come into new space and time.  Unfortunately, this means my writing has stalled too.  *Insert shoulder shrug* You see… without the ammunition of pain spurring me along, I must admit… I’m not as motivated to express myself in this way these days.  Quite honestly living feels just too doggone good.

The truth is, mine has always been the kind of writing that comes from within the cavernous places of my heart so once I’ve climbed and dug my way out of life’s valleys, basking in the pure sunshine of it all just feels so good it’s easy to abandon this part of myself.

Lately though, I’ve come to realize the beauty in trying my best to write from a place of peace, happiness and contentment.  What version of myself will I find amongst the words and phrases that spill out so easily in dark seasons?  What new light can I shed on myself and what new inspiration can take flight within me if I challenge myself to lean into this light?

I’m up for the task and I’m welcoming this new year of life with this “attitude of gratitude”.  And I think, no less believe, that with this platitude I will let my pen play for awhile, exploring this new space and finding new voice.

Frolicking freely through new feelings and new thoughts, I’m excited to discover myself in this way. A brightness and newness in me, that albeit refreshing and welcomed, quite honestly is unknown.  It’s been years since I’ve rebirthed in this way.  I’m grateful it was my time.



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Let Hope Flow

  If I could put into words how I’m feeling these days the only word that would even come close would be well … Happy.  Unadulterated contentment.  When I think back over the last few years to say they were difficult would be an understatement. They were some of the toughest of my life.  But […]

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The Truth About Us

The truth about us, you and I, is we are so different we are the same.  I long for you to see me. My truth.  Validate my possiblity and give me what my soul craves.  Recognition.  Affirmation.  Solace. Love. Eternity.  Yet the more I cry out for you, the more I realize the inevitable.  You […]

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So often, we are stagnated by our own fear.  Paralyzed, we cannot move to the next level or begin a new chapter until we face it head on, stare it in its eye and refuse to be moved.  But that’s the problem with fear isn’t it?  It’s so darn elusive, it’s hard for us to […]

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Speak God I’m Listening

‘ Blankly, I stare into this world and wonder what we have become.  What animal or beast or ghastly spirit has taken hold of us so that we cannot even offer each other the most gentle courtesies.  A smile. A genuine hello. The invitation of our friendship through something as simple as just our mere […]

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Getting Past Why

Yesterday, after a whirlwind Friday night with friends followed by an early morning 5K, I found myself on the couch after lunch totally zapped. I’d planned to watch a movie and nap, but instead found myself immersed in an intense multi-part episode of Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life”. Now I love me some Iyanla.  I […]

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Forgiveness Starts with Me

It’s funny how quickly our lives can ebb and flow from the extremely happy to the profoundly sad, from the completely comfortable to the utterly chaotic and just as quickly return to calm. At times, I find myself in constant flux aiming for some routine balance of peace and happiness these days. Quite honestly, that’s […]

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Before and After Mother’s Day

Today, I am especially grateful for mothers like my friend Gina Tucker who agreed to grace me with her story today on the blog.  Gina’s story is  gritty and raw, yet a powerfully beautiful reminder of God’s power, grace and redemptive love.   Thank you Gina for sharing your story and giving a voice to […]

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It’s Meal Plan Mayhem: And I Need Your Help!

It’s “Meal Plan Mayhem” on the blog and all month long I’ll be featuring healthy and tasty recipes to ensure we can live lives we love. So whether you’re trying to drop a few pounds, get back to feeling good in your clothes or, like me, simply want to look as good on the outside […]

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Loving Them Was Killing Me

Needless to say this year has not disappointed me.  In fact, if we wrapped the year up today, I’d log it as epic and it would go down in my life story as one of the best ever.  Not only has releasing The Love Project, helped me realize the power of raising my voice, but […]

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